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People who use our Game/Bot Hosting have a variety of games and programs they can pick to host.

If your game/program is not on this list feel free to contact us to get your game/program added at

Some games and programs we cannot host and you would need to buy a VPS from us to host them.


Games We Host:

GTA Hosting (FiveM, Alt:V, GTA Connected, Multi Theft Auto, RageCOOP, RageMP, SA-MP, AssettoServer)

Among Us (Impostor, Crewlink, BetterCrewlink)

Terraria Hosting (Vannila, tModloader, tshock)

Factorio Hosting (Normal, Clusterio)

Minecraft Hosting (Java, Bedrock)

Garry's Mod Hosting

Rust Hosting

Team Fortress 2 Hosting

Ark: Survival Evolved Hosting

Insurgency Hosting

Counter-Strike Hosting

SRB2 Kart Hosting

Custom SRCDS Game Hosting


Programs We Host:

Storage Software Hosting (SFTP Storage Share, Minio S3)

Voice Hosting (Mumble, Teamspeak3)


Code Languages We Host (For Bot Hosting Only)

NodeJS Hosting

PHP Hosting

Python Hosting

Java Hosting

Dart Hosting

Deno Hosting

GoLang Hosting

Nodemon Hosting

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